CSM Once Again

If you came here looking for my statement of intent in regards to the CSM this is the post to read. If you have questions then post them here and I will answer them right quick.

To reiterate what I said on the candidates page. I don’t want to make sweeping changes nor am I pushing for the new shiny things (not that I mind them). I would like to see the things that we already have polished to a higher shine or made to work for us rather than against us. I have old eyes and I truly wish I could set the UI to accomodate me more than an A+ that makes it slightly bigger but, somehow, no more legible. So UI tweeks to allow me to make the ships fly and control more in the fashion I need/want.

What I don’t want is to force my design for a UI down your throat or anyone elses. My needs are different than yours . . . so my UI should be mine and your UI should suit you.

Some of the things I asked for in the last election are being worked on and some have even come to pass (or will by mid May). If you haven’t already you should send a word of thanks to the former CSM members for their hard work, but now lets let some new blood in, me. I have said before the CSM would best be served by a mix of experience and new blood to keep things active. Funny things is that I followed the last CSM closely, writing articles on the meetings for the Tribune and here in this blog. If you want to see some of that then click CSM on the search to the right and see what I thought of previous sessions.

As for who I am, beyond the pixels. I am a high school teacher of Math and Sciences. I have taught every grade except grade 3, kindergarden through college. I have sat through more meetings than I care to think of, brainstormed lessons, plans, and ideas with the best of them. I have handled difficult children and more difficult parents. I know how to wait my turn and I know how to make myself heard when the occassion demands it. if you elect me to be your representative then you KNOW you will have someone who can make the point and see the good and the bad of any proposal and weigh the merits fairly.

Within the pixels I have one character who is a mission runner, another who is training lowsec and nullsec with OUCH. I have lost enough ships to protect an outpost and I have been on pos shoots, lived and died in small gang battles, and I have chased and been chased, scouted and been the tackler, mined till my face gently came to rest on the keyboard. I have fallen asleep and awoken in a pod. I play for a few minutes or for hours on end. I have never been rich and have often been poor. If you read more of this blog you will know that I like to dream a story within this game and I play accordingly.

I’d like to think I am an average player but there may not BE such a beast. Worse, this mythical average player seldom votes. Percentage wise, hardly anyone votes. Those who do are ‘old players’ with tons of skill points, isk, experience. I’m not one of the old guard. Those people have allies and alliances and already know who they are voting for. I don’t blame them. But I am calling on you, the folks who are just starting out, you the people who don’t know the ‘distant gods’ of the game and just want things to be better, even if you are not quite sure what better is, yet.

I cannot end this without this one plea, from the heart. Vote. If you think I sound reasonable, then vote for me. But if I don’t sound like somoene you want representing you then look at the other 52 candidates in the deck. We have kings and queens, jokers and jacks. One of the MUST be the right match for you to vote for. This is a new era in the CSM process and I’d like to see it break the records for highest turn out in the polls. I think you should vote for me (but then I will admit to bias in this regard)and I ask you remember me, come election week.


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4 Responses to CSM Once Again

  1. Bob Fenner says:

    Imagine an apartment block with bad foundations. The cracks start to appear so the builders should be fixing the foundations. Instead they fill in the cracks and then start to build another storey to house more people. This is my analogy of Eve online at the moment. CCP in their wisdom are trying to get more people to live in the universe when they should be concentrating on fixing the current batch of problems that plague it. What is your opinion on this Mike?

  2. mandrill says:

    Would you be interested in filling out an email interview regarding your candidacy? You can see other candidates responses on my website.

    I’m also offering free advertising for candidates.

    Email me at kween(at)keithneilson(dot)co(dot)uk for more information.

    Good Luck in the election.

  3. mikeazariah says:

    To Bob:

    I agree, that is why I said I would prefer they polish and fix what they have before adding anymore. If something did NOT work out as well as they expected it should be either fixed or scrapped but not left in the game to confuse folks (I am looking at you faction wars)

    Each time we pile more on the chance of unexpected bugs increases. Now I cannot speak for CCP’s long range plans, maybe they want to get all the building suplies on iste before they start fixing things but your basic analogy is on the money. If they pile too much on top of the crumbling foundation it will be very hard to dig down to fix the basics.


  4. mikeazariah says:


    expect an email shortly


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