If I Could Turn Back Time

Mike smiled in relief as Ms Dom left. They had been planning the mission for two hours with no break. She walked . . . no that was innacurate . . . strutted away, drawing the eyes of every hetero male in the hanger.

Scotty whistled softly. “She is all that and a bay full of drones.”

“Twice as deadly.” Mike replied still looking at the proposed ships layout and timeline. “Trust me on that one.”

Scotty shook his head and looked to Mike. “So there is nothing on between you two?”

Mike smiled wryly. “She’s a friend. Now what do you think my odds of survival are?”

Ev answered that one. “With her? Poor to none, mon. Wit dis mission, dey be even worse. No two ways about it. Now I have these here and they be warmin up so best you help me put them out of their misery.” Bottles were passed around, opened and partially drained. A collective male sigh was given before the conversation started back up. In the tradition handed down over the centuries the three men began to discuss how the universe could be improved.

Scotty ventured the first opinion. “The pilots are getting better trained now. I wish we had the ‘new pilot experience’ back in the day. Would have kept a lot more podders for the long haul. Back when it was ‘here’s your ship, ya know some stuff, off you go!’ we didn’t have the retention we do now. Podders came and left and half the time it was because they didn’t know what they wanted to be when they grew up. Now the ones that stayed . . . they knew the right ways to fly and space is a better and a more dangerous place because of it. You meet a veteran of the old days and you know he’s been there and back.” He took a pull of his drink. “Yeah, I wish they had better training to the careers, back in the day.”

Ev was next. “No, no, mon, you gots it all wrong. It be the unfinished and the unrepaired that be what I would go back and fix. The ships that nobody fly or fly for all the wrong reasons.” He looked to Mike. “I know you be having a destroyer or two in your hangers, and what you be using them for, anti frigate work, like it say on de labels? Sha, NO, mon. You fly them for the same purpose damn near everybody do.”

They said it in unison “Salvager” and laughed as they took a drink.

“Ya don’ wants all the ships to be big an small versions of each other, no way. But you wants a rock paper scissors so that each ship is afraid of another one. Nobody be in the king ship cause there always be an assassin out dere.” He nodded sagely. Da world and the ships be pretty good now but there still be tings dat could be better and it woulda been even betta if the mix had been righter, sooner. But water under the bridge and smoke in the breeze, mon, no worries now, none at all. Cept o course if you plan on flying this plan, den you got plenty o worries.”

Mike sipped his drink and nodded. “If I could go back? Hard to say. Everything has been getting better, in its own time. I hear even bigger changes are just around the corner.” He paused. “Maybe that is what I would change. I sometimes wish I didn’t hear as much as I do.”

“Come again, Mon? You wants to be less informed?”

“Well, not about the immediate stuff. But sometimes I get my hopes up for some new change, some new thing that never seems to arrive. Kinda becomes a disappointment, no matter how good it will be when it gets here. Till you are sure you can deliver you shouldn’t be getting folks hopes up.”

Scotty looked off in the distance. ‘I wonder if Ms Dom subscribes to that philosophy.”

Mike grinned. “Oh lordy, Scotty. I am tempted to set you up with her, just for all the isk folks would send my way when it came to its inevitable conclusion. I have heard people wishing to pay a bounty on the docking engineers for a long long time. You dead would speed docking and ship switching oh so much. She would take you to heaven, only problem is, you wouldn’t be coming back.”

“Ah, but what a way to go . . . ”

They all looked off in the direction she had left and toasted the thought.



This post is based off of a conversation in the eve bloggers channel. It was posed “If you could go back in time how would you have CCP change what was done in the past.” Or words to that effect. I think we all were too lazy to look in our own conversation logs to get the exact words.

Lacking focus I, of course, came up with three answers.

1) New player experience
2) Balance issues
3) Bloody Incarna/walking in stations

Some other opinions may be found in the blogs of 0.5 or higher
and Victoria Aut Mors and Paritybit

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2 Responses to If I Could Turn Back Time

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  2. Okay, I now have this running through my head. Great post though Mike. I agree that the new players have it a great deal easier now – it is something they could continue to work on because there are a great load of mechanics you don’t learn about during the tutorial. That said, the loving way Eve drops you into a pool with weights on your ankles is part of the charm of the game.

    As far as Incarna goes, I greet it with trepidation. Yeah, station walking might be cool, but it could also be asstastic. I would rather not have station walking than have station walking that pisses me off.

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