Letters home II

. . .so working in a station isn’t that bad, especially compared to what the Captain has been doing lately.

He left most of us behind, like I told you before, to go deep into nullsec. Well he called us from a hisec factory a few jumps away and asked for a skeleton crew to meet him. We got a few of the regular gang together and went over to find him leaning against the hull of a stabber. Nothing loaded on it, just the basic ship itself. He told us that he was gonna fit it out on our own home hanger but we had to move the hull there. We set up started up the engines and off we went into space, as naked as a ship can get. (More so since even a brand new Stabber has that half-finished feel to it) He had set the course for the hanger where our gear is and off we went. Jiorj likes to keep the crew in the loop when we are out and he was in a good mood so he was joking, pointing out the sights as we warped to the first jump gate.

The mood shifted fast when we jumped through. Captain Jiorj muttered a cures that would have gotten him smacked by Ma if she heard it. There was one of the ‘wartargets’ on the other side of the gate and we all heard the klaxon as he started to lock us up. I will say this right off. The Captain may be chatty and easy going but he had us back into warp and shooting across that system before most of us even registered what was going on. Bang, we are at the next gate and through with the other ship right on our tail, always one step ahead of his locking us up. About the third system along he took a side step to try to throw the enemy off the track and get us some breathing room but that lil ship kept right on top of us.

Well all this time we can hear Jiorj laughing and giving a running account to other captains he knows but the wierd thing is he AIN’T asking for help. He just keeps warping and jumping and laughing like this is some sort of game or race. He would whoop and yell as each successive gate arrived and vanished in the light and we were on to the next one. But then he told us all, probably remembering for the first time that the in-ship communications were active. “I figure we should hole up for a bit. I am getting a few reports that more than this little racer are hanging about and I’d hate to run straight into a trap.”

With that he spun the ship and docked us at the next station. My buddy up in the communications told me what happened next. “Lordy” he says “The Local started spiking and damn if each one of them wasn’t someone who wanted us dead. Captain would have gotten us all killed if we had gone on one more jump but he knew when the race was run and done.”

Well I don’t know how he does it but he chatted with the guys after him and complimented them on the run. Told them he wasn’t partial to ‘smacktalk’ whatever that is. They laughed and told him they would be watchin him and he laughed back and wished them better luck next time.

I don’t know. I think being immortal is kinda beginning to get to him cause I can tell you the lot of us were scared to the point of needing new pants after running a half dozen systems unarmed and being chased by folks who wanted us dead. He was laughing and bought us all a round of drinks. Told us at the bar that he was going to now keep two bases of operations running and we would be the hisec team. Not that that made us safe but he would jump over every now and again and we would keep the factory orders running. He is having us train in station trades and he hinted that biugger projects might be right around the corner. Then he finished his drink and headed off to the clone bays to do a different kind of jump, one we don’t follow him on.

Lessons: Travelling during a war is risky, travelling unarmed during a war is just plain stupid
Assume the othe side is talking and has some modicum of intelligence. You might be right, sometimes.
Yes, it was a frigate chasing Jiorj,. but unarmed and nothing loaded on the ship . . . the cruiser still would have popped right fast.
You don’t have to shoot or be shot at to get the juices really pumping


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1 Response to Letters home II

  1. Good work, Mike. 🙂 I agree with all your lessons learned. There are wartargets and then there are wartargets. Some are incredibly stupid, and a few are amazingly good. Anyway, keep up the writing!

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