I am who I am: This Blog

Freebooter requested that we of the new blog pack introduce ourselves. Better later than never, eh?

I am Mike, IRL and in this blog, sometimes.

I prefer to write fiction, even when I am writing to cover things like the CSM I still couch it in rp. Live with it.

I have a few alts and when I write for them I tag posts appropriately . . . Jiorj and Kaye. Each has their own direction and purpose. Read back a bit if you waqnt to know what is going on.

Other than that I use the fiction to comment on the game aspects that strike me. The people I have met. I try to end a LOT of my posts with ‘Lessons’. These are pieces of advice that I think might be valuable to folks or a moral to the story just told. I LOVE comments . . . good bad or indifferent. I understand that when we are on the iphone/pod and in capsuleer itr is a lot tougher to make said comments. /me shrugs.

If you are in game I am always hanging about on a few channels playing chat-whack-a-mole. Try smegs pub, our corp open channel or drop me a direct tell. I think I have a 2 isk fee attached to block spammers so if you want to toss your 2 cents in . . . /me grins.

I try to keep up with a lot of reading, there are some bloody great writers around here. There is a reason that massively named us the best mmo community. If you don’t want to write a blog, then comment on the ones you like. Ask questions, read, learn.

Oh, I will probably run in the next CSM election . . . but then so will a lot of other really great people. Start thinking about it now. What do you want to see, where do you want the game to go?

Fly safe or dangerous, sleepy or awake . . . but fly you fools


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3 Responses to I am who I am: This Blog

  1. Eddie Gordo says:

    Quite interested to know what chat-what-a-mole is!

    • mikeazariah says:

      Whack a mole was/is a game you play at the fair, given a hammer as little heads pop up to be hit. When I am playing I often try to monitor about 4 channels plus private convos and often wind up cliking between each like I am playing the same sort of fair game.

      thus chat whack a mole


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