Waking up

Mike opened his eyes slowly and blinked at the unfamiliar ceiling. “dammit” He tried to remember what ship he had been in, what had he lost, which clone was he in . . . . nothing. It probably meant he had not updated his clone and there had been memory loss. “Oh, dammit all to the Hels” He closed his eyes and waited for one of the attendants to come remove him from the bed and . . . bed?

He thumped his head back and felt the pillow, far too soft for any institution bedding. He breathed deep and smelled . . . scents that were NOT industrial level cleaners and disinfectants. “Um” Ok, this was NOT a normal clone facility . . . . “think think think” he muttered softly to himself “What is the last thing I remember?”


Always monitor your clone status and make sure it is up to date. Loss of memories can be . . . disconcerting.
If you do not know what I mean . .. look to your skill point total and make sure it is less than the current clone grade total on your character sheet. (I honestly was months before I realized what people meant about check your clone.

I’d post a ‘where you have been map . . . ” but who wants to see hisec done in connect the dots?


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One Response to Waking up

  1. Rixx Javix says:

    Late last Summer I had been podded in a fight, jumped in another ship and hurried back to get revenge. Sure enough (after killing some reds) I got podded again. In my rush I hadn’t upgraded my clone, which is why I have a large post-it on my monitor to remind me. I really don’t feel like training that level V skill again… again.

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