Jiorj at war

The news ran through the comm channels . . . prepare for war. It is a semi-common thing for educational institutions to be wardecced and Black Claw was not truly surprised. He had instructions coming out to the students swiftly and reminders of how to spend the 24 hrs of peace before the shooting started was well used. War target members were identified and investigated and reasoning behind the dec was discovered. It was NOT a griefer corp (at least not in the usual terms) but someone who had a grudge against some of the volunteer instructors of OUCH who actually had their own seperate corp.

“So they do not attack the corp of the instructors but, rather, us. That makes no sense.”

The answer was easy . . . griefers do not attack competent enemies, they try to pad their killboards up with easy kills of relatively inexperienced players.

Withint ten minutes of the war going live Jiorj was a member of a fleet in home space hunting for war targets. A LOT of new ships followed them from system to system and were swiftly tagged as ‘spies’ as they kept pace with the fleet until it decided that the enemy did not want a standuyp fight but more easy pickings. So the fleet went into 0.0 and were not followed to continue the normal routine of nullsec training (and dying, oh this time was a doozy of a fleet wipe to a cynoed fleet who arrived just for them . . . fantastic experience.)

The following day showed the strategy of the attackers in more detail as they camped Berta station and popped any of the OUCH members who came out. This was treated as another lesson and a breakout was successfully organized. Since then the opposition has pulled back and only seems willing to engage when nthey have the massive advantage. This is the right thing for them to do as it is an Eve truism that fair fights do NOT exist. Thr trick is to make sure you are on the winning side.

Jiorj listened to the more experienced members of the corp and waited for the right moment to make a last run into Berta and out again. Bases of operations shifted as the corp start to spread out denying the opportunity of camping one station for easy kills. Space is large and the lessons that may be learned, endless.


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