On deadly ground

Place your army in deadly peril, and it will survive; plunge it into desperate straits, and it will come off in safety.
For it is precisely when a force has fallen into harm’s way that is capable of striking a blow for victory.

In OUCH we do not ask you to attend lectures, we do not tell you to read or inject knowledge. You will learn in the doing. Sometimes you will fail and the lesson will be hammered home even more, if you have the ability to learn from your mistakes. We have found that lessons you learn in the doing are FAR more apt to stick with you than lessons learned any other way.

Jiorj slid into the rifter pod and activated systems. A fleet was heading out and he planned on being with it. A pair of jumps and he was in orbit with almost a dozen other ships. Cro was the named FC even though there were more experinced pilots in the roam. He had lost a fleet earlier and was looking to redeem himself in a more successful run. Jiorj was happy to be greeted in a familiar way and smiled as they all sympathized with his slow comm systems. He was first to volunteer to take point and soon he and another pilot were springing ahead of the main fleet as they swept through lowsec and into 0.0

It did not take long. Outbreak patrols were still about. Cro bemoaned the fact that Outbreak had decimated his earlier command and the ships they flew were far and above those of this small fleet of tech 1 frigates. He tried to avoid contact but Outbreak was more than willing to give chase. The scouts had trouble keeping ahead of the fleet as the orders to warp/jump came fast and furious with a vagabond always just a hair behind them. “He is the one who got Me!” Cro exclaimed as the Vaga was visible just as the fleet leaped to the next system.

Again and again the systems changed and the long range showed that the Vagabond was not alone. The next system was called and questioned as some with maps wondered if it might be . . . . it was . . . a dead end.

The more senior pilot offered to take over and command was swiftly passed across. Keeves took up the challenge and the cornered fleet turned to face their pursuit. Jiorj wondered what went through the Outbreak pilots mind as he warped into the system to see the swarm of small vessels racing at it. Points were called and other electronic warfare worked its arcane ways on both his engines and his targetting systems. Then the fire began. Unable to return fire he was slowed to 21 m/s and could not escape. His compatriots arrived to lend assistance only to have their own targetting systems jammed and locked down and become but spectators to the demise of the 100 million isk vessel. Little frigates worth less than a 100th of the target swooped and soared as Keeves kept them on target and monitored the rest of the space about them. The Vagabond silently exploded followed in very short order by the pod of the pilot. No quarter was given and now the other Outbreak members realized that they had become prey.

Before the next hour was up a Megathron battleship had also fallen to the rejuvenated team. Keeves himself would alternate between lavish praise and scornfull derision as he commented on the fleets actions. He would NOT, for all his scorn, leave a ship behind and even fell while acting as the rearguard of a retreat. He directed a pair of killings of ‘old friends’ who were acting as cyno pilots and his giggles were infectious.

When Jiorj finally docked the vessel he had started with back in the hanger he breathed a sigh of relief and opened a file to make notes of the few things he had picked up on this trip.


A roam is motion. To stay in one place is to invite a planned and deadly attack upon yourself. Move or die.

You wait for commands to do anything up to and including engaging. Failure to do so can earn you (at least) the honour of being declared the next primary target.

Be carefull, when hunting, that you are sure you will be able to survive what you catch.


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