Big and little

Mike sat staring at the screen, trying to find exactly the right words to say. “I am sorry I have not been in station, of late, Dee. The alliance I belong to is at war and I have shifted over to support our pos, should it come under attack.” He grimaced and looked at the huge pile of failfit designs for the Megathron in the hanger. Most of them would only have a hope of hurting the enemy if they actually scanned his shit and died of incredulous laughter.

“I have been moving about, to keep them from getting too solid a fix on me and tossing bookmarks to some members of the alliance who have too little space experience to be able to last long against a determined enemy. Our corporation, on the otherhand, has spent a lot of time being ready for if and when the worst happens. The POS will yield no riches for the enemy and we aim to make this costly for them in big and small ways. We deny them targets yet always are on the move. I would tell you more of the preparations but security of fellow pilots prevents me from doing so.

In the meantime I have wandered a bit off of my beaten path in hopes of keeping upkeep costs at bay. I am venturing into lower security systems and even considering a trip to CVA space in nullsec. No, I am not turing to a life of crime but hunting serpentis and angels in their home territory. I have completed training to be able to fly a vagabond but the war has put a crimp in my plans. To top it all off . . . .”

Mike was trying very hard to keep from yelling. “What do you mean, gone?”

“Yer whole operating system for the ships, bookmarks, overview settings, the works, sir. Not there, gone.” The comp tech was sweating slightly as this was not a hisec safe job posting but one where some of the poidders would kill you just because you happened to be in their way in the corridor. “I looked to your backups but . . . .”

“They were gone as well?”

The tech nodded nervously. “We can rebuild your database so you can undock in a few hours, sir. Till then I recommend ya sit tight and take a day off.”

“I do not WANT a day off. But, I suppose.” Mike slumped a bit. “I have little choice in the matter. Look I know this is not your fault, do what you can and if it is done in a timely manner then I will double your fee. While you are working on it I will make a list of all the files that will need to be rebuilt. Comm me when you are done, alright?”

The tech scurried off and Mike sat down and opened a new file.

Settings: . . . .


You would think losing the settings once wopuld teach me, but no. So this time I am goint o talk about intial settings for the overview.

First step is deciding what sort of things that you do: Each task should have its own tab.

My #1 tab is always labelled ‘All’ and it shows everything. It is usefull to find things need for a mission that you normally don’t want to see.

If you work in fleet ops then a fleet tab that removes useless rocks like planets, moons asteroid belts and also removes your fellow fleet members so you do not have one of those horribly misnamed ‘friendly fire’ incidents.

I have one tab labelled travel that shows ONLY stargates and bases. That way I can warp long distances without scrolling through a cluttered overview. VERY usefull when making a run through dangerous territories.

Miners may have alternative settings so they can find the best rocks. I will be talking to the Carebear Queen herself and asking more obout that in the near future (she wants me in a Hulk beofre she will deign to train)

I might also recommend the Goonfleet (remember them? They used to be a corp that had power and sov) video that shows how to set the overviews in a well done step by step process.

I will not tell you THE WAY to set your tabs because you play a different Eve from me. I can just advise you to learn to do so.

The other parts will be in a Jiorj post to come soon.


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1 Response to Big and little

  1. Bob Fenner says:

    Hey Mike. Just to let you know I am not dead, been incapacitated by lack of broadband. Just my luck to miss a war dec! Give my love to the Mech and the rest of the Smegs. Back asap!

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