Tithes go, and return

” . . . and so we ask that you not store the money with us, my son, but look to see where it can better be invested. We are sending back your tithing in hopes that you will use it to grow and build out there among the stars. Show the way for others of our people to fly and spread.”

Jiorj looked once more at the letter that was set on the desk before returning to his inventory manifest. Blueprints. He had taken the corps recommended build for small ships and gone shopping, not for the items but for the means to build the items. The first few he had set up had already paid for themselves and were now turning out a profit. So he had gone out and bought more until he was now almost at the point where he had the complete fitted ship in original blueprints with unlimited runs.

Of course that only showed him that he was lacking in other skills. His ability to supervise a shop floor or work in the market with sharks showed he was still a neophyte. But he watched what others did, took notes, and learned, slowly he learned.

It was like the Wolf Pack Prometheus had taken them on. It was also something that was a learning experience. Prometheus was a teacher who firmly understood that the best lessons are learned first hand. The pack of rifters would move from high to low and then into null-sec. Open channel communications allowed the students to see how the scouts were placed and moved and the types of reports that were expected of them. Jiorj had been on two roams with prom and lost a ship in a masterfully executed ambush of their pack when they had settled in to camp a gate. The squad of T2 Frigates had torn through the rifters showing that the ‘wolves’ were still just ‘puppies’.

The second roam had also ended with quite a few losses though Jiorj and his ship had miraculously survived, though more by luck than by skill. They had focussed on a tempest that was ratting in 0.0 and started to try to scan down the target when in reality they were the target. All warped to the tempest only to be met by a typhoon with smartbombs. Jiorj had been scanning a nearby belt and was not present for the jump and so missed the destruction. He made a solo run through a half dozen systems to return to the base in highsec and was thankful for the experiences he was gaining as that passage held far far less dread for him than it would have half a month earlier.

The lessons and experiences were beginning to show

His comm chimed. [A bursary in your name has arrived from OUCH. It is sub-labelled “Scout”] He looked to his balance on his padd and did a double take. This was enough to purchase the cloaking skill . . . he might be more useful on the next pack roam! He quickly checked the market and found a decent vendor for the lessons and was soon plugged into the skill trainer, learning about signuature interuption, interference and spoofing.

and the education continued . . .



Anyone who cannot learn from deaths needs to find a different place to play than nullsec
The bloggers who say dying is a freeing experience are right. i need some more deaths to get totally immune but OUCH is doing a lot to make this carebear less afraid to go into the dark parts of the forest


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