Chribbas Butterfly War (As seen in the Tribune)

“Let’s say this is you. A small corp making a living downing hi-sec POS’s. In your travels you encounter this. A defenceless POS owned by a very famous Eve personality. You make a choice. You decide to be the bad-guy and go after that famous POS.”
If ever a small example of the butterfly effect video was brought to life this might be it.

Epimithius09 (hence forth called Epi) is the leader of the Concord Preservation and Recovery corp (.CPR.). Their corp documents proclaim them to be fighting an ecoguerrilla war against abandoned and offline POS’s that pollute lunar landscapes all across New Eden. For the most part, that is what they have been, a small alt corp eking out a hisec living bringing down the occasional player owned station.

Then there is Chribba. Veldspar ‘God’ who is famous for his honesty and reliability, not to mention his massive holdings such as a hisec mining Dread. (Yes Virginia, there IS a mining Dread). He does not shoot anything except rocks. He does not pvp. He is the host of many eve services on and offline including eve-search, eve offline, eve agents, and Chribbas third party service. He is known to all veteran Eve players, and his services are used by many every day of the year.

Epi sees Chribbas POS and decides it is too damn tempting. He (and his corp) war dec Chribba. In Epis words . . . “Why did we war dec Chribba? Because he had some POS’s that would be easy to kill and make us a nice profit. Also, because it would be fun. Did I know who Chribba was before I placed the war dec? Yes I did. Did this influence my decision? Yes it did. Normally I won’t war dec an alliance as it is too expensive to do. I made an exception here as it was Chribba.”

Chribba takes up the story from there. Asked how he reacted when he saw the wardec. “Pulse rose from 80 to 180, I’m not a pvp person so I was starting to wonder how long I’d have to hide in station 😛 I have been randomly decced before but nothing of the serious kind, small 1-member corps.” Chribba decided to post that this war looked serious in the Crime and Punishment thread of Eve forums. I asked if the result was what he had been hoping for. “tbh I didn’t know what I had hoped for, my general insight was more to just let them destroy the towers, wait for the war to end and resume previous life The C&P was more of a notice from my side since it felt like they was actually going to do it compared to the other random 1-man deccs but to my surprise people joined in big numbers and for that I am very thankful, and while still scary for me (even though sitting cloaked watching) it was good for for most based on what I heard.” Chribba in turn referred me to Jonny 101 ” I do suggest you talk to Jonny 101, he was one of the major organizers (on his own) and pretty much ran the show while I was sitting cloaked.” So from one source to the next, I moved on.

Johnny continues the story. “Chribba was attacked, I organised the defence in a shiny ship from his pos, Exalted, Noir and Duty showed up bravely, joined by Repo to guared it in the TZ . Pirates and mercenaries band together in defence of Veldspar. Giving Chribba their services free of charge, the unprecedented event that the cnp pirate community banded together behind these mercs to aid Chribba. Special mention of timaios and Erichk Knaar as the heroes of the day. If anything, I’ve taken this further than Chribba wanted but I like my overkill and people were eager to defend him. Truly it was a cooperation between some of eve’s most respected mercenaries and the cnp community. The battle was short, we had about 50 people repping the pos. Several got shot and so went to change to combat ships, but Erichk Knaar got back first in his rokh. He began opening fire on the enemy, who all shot back at him, Noir’s own gang was remote repairing him and I, and the other FC’s ordered our people to remote shield transfer Erichk as well. This might seem like neutral repping but that is in fact wrong EVERY person boosting erich was flagged to the enemy who were in a pathetic fleet of about 5 very poorly fitted battleships. The fight was no great tactical victory, merely an example. What happens when you’re up against the combined forces of some of eve’s most respected mercenaries, the CnP community and Chribba’s good vibrations. Any one of the four corporations I mentioned above could have soloed this with ease but we want to show the eve community that we hold Chribba highly and time he spends combat fitting pos’s is time he isn’t using making us services.”

This was so impressive that even the offending POS attackers admired the effort. Nara Wolf: “I personally have no issues with Chribba or most of the parties involved. Those of you who banded together in the defense of Chribba without descending into pettiness and hate, bravo, seeing the community work together like that was awesome. The sight of all those Pospreys was awe inspiring, I hope you all had fun blowing us up. We knew what we were doing and don’t mind the wardecs or the smack-talk, just keep in mind it’s a game and enjoy yourselves, I know I will.”

Was this impressive? Hells yes. To see groups of mercs stand for something more than profit was inspiring in and of itself. But I started this with the quote from the Butterfly Effect. It does not stop with the POS defence, no no no. Now the forces that banded together under Chribbas banner have started to go after other corps and alliances. If an alt was in CPR that is reason enough for them to dec whatever corp or alliance the ‘main’ lives in. Jonny 101 has spent 5250 mill of his own cash and 250 mill of donated to wardec the Privateer alliance. Sys-k has dropped IMM since they held another character common to Epi. (Or so it is claimed by the FoC [Forces of Chribba].)

Has this ended? No, In Eve very few things end. The sand shifts and the tides change but there will always be the historical moment when the forces of Crime and Punishment stepped up to defend a pacifist. By Jonny’s measure “Bottom of the barrel “pvp” corp attacks Chribba. The elite of eve’s mercenary community and the worst pirates in the game band together to curbstomp them into the stone-age.”

I asked Epi if this was true. “No. We failed to take down two of the POS but we got one POS. Additionally business will continue there are more POS out there to be removed and they will be taken down. Business will continue as usual : )” When asked if he could go back in time, would he do it again he replied “Of course it was fun and we got a POS out of it : )” Epi had nothing but good things to say about Noir and Chribba and even the pilot who bagged him. He plans on continuing the good work of his corp although he will not repeat the wardec on Chribba ” If he left it offline I might try it it again. But its quite expensive so only if i could do it and get something out of it. This dec showed that he pays attention to war decs so we probably wouldn’t be able to kills a pos before he could defend it.”

In related news another corp had picked up the cause of the War on Chribba and the forces of good are not so swift to leap to the defense seeing the threat as distant and inconsequential. Chribba may not feel the same way about that . . . he did, however mint and give medals to all who participated in the first war. I managed to get something even better, an autographed photo of Chribba for my own corpmate, Mechanoid Kryten that reads “To te Carebear Queen /Chribba” in his best handwriting.

The best thing about Eve is the ability to set your own win parameters. Each side of the above war feels that they won. In my opinion, they all did. Each played the game they wanted to play and interacted with other folks. Each was kind enough to allow me the time to ask 10 questions (a self imposed limit) and I quoted from those interviews for this report. If there is some issue or aspect of Eve you think would make a good story for the Tribune please contact the editors or leave a comment below and we will see if it can be done.

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2 Responses to Chribbas Butterfly War (As seen in the Tribune)

  1. Manasi says:

    Yes indeed the reverberations of the War Dec were felt deep in Esoteria. I don’t think Prometheus09 or Epi knew how far the ripples would extend. Great post about a good guy ( Pro/Epi) and what effects 1 simple war dec can have.

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