Cleaning Lady

Scouting is always the key, he thought. He was looking for new prospects when he ghosted into the belt and glided silently above it where he was unlikely to be ‘bumped’ and decloaked. Miners came and went but he was looking for something specific, although if he had been asked, he would be unable to say exactly what.

Hulks, retrievers, each plunged into the belt and fired lasers at whatever rock happened to be closest. Lumbering around the asteroid belt with small drones in attendance like birds fluttering about great beasts. It was the fact that the Sigil was not part of the general scrum that made it stand out.

It entered and paused before heading for an end of the belt away from all the other ships. It hit the closest rock even though it was not the most valuable class in the field and ground it completely out before moving on to the next one. It warped away and came back to slowly, carefully chew its way through the masses, leaving nothing behind.

Each warp in was perfectly placed to attack the next rock and the methodical nature spoke of an orderly personality, not a bot. He called up the stats on the pilot. Kaye was Amarr and, until recently, a member of the military. He called up a few more details to see that she had been very recently drummed out of the same military for ‘unknown charges’. He noted the name of her and her ship and then headed to the nearest space dock and watched to see if that was her base.

It was and he docked and opened a comm requesting a bit of her time for an interview.

She arrived in a freshly pressed outfit that would easily pass as a uniform and an obvious pistol holstered on one side. The clothes held no insignia and the holster was freshly buffed though the butt of the pistol sticking out looked well worn. She sat opposite him and immediately straightened things on the table till the were all perfectly aligned. Then she looked up and nodded to him. “May I ask what this interview is about?”

He looked at the table perfectly set before him and smiled. “I am a recruiter for a corporation. I watched some of your work out in the belts today and thought you might be a possible candidate.”

“There are many better at mining than I out there.” She said, distantly. “I am just at loose ends and dislike being unoccupied.”

“I did not say I was looking for a miner. I am looking for someone who can handle jobs with exacting specifications. Who can work independently and as part of a team. I do not need details but may I ask the general reasons why you left the military?”

She eyed him for a long moment. “My superior officers felt that I was not acting in the best interests of the unit in bringing certain activities to light. I can work with other people as long as they are honest with me. I do NOT like being played for a dupe or catspaw.”

He nodded. “I assure you, what CPR, our corporation, is about is very open to your examination. In your travels have you come across abandoned and offline stations? Ones that eventually pirates take over as bases or destroy to leave wreckage across the systems?”

“I have. There ought to be a law about the duration that they can exist before being removed.” She sniffed imperiously.

“Well there is not. But there is a legal recourse for a small group of like minded pilots to do something about this. We scout out these stations and give the owners notice that they must take them down or we will do so for them. If we take them down then the funds form the sales of the derelicts go to finance our operations and pay our members.”

“You are cleaning up solar systems?” She blinked, eyes coming alive for the first time since the interview had started.

“Hopefully at a profit, but yes. Now understand some people do not like being told to clean up their act. There will be danger involved. We will be outlining a training program we wish you to follow in hopes you will become a fully active member in time.”


“We will want you in a battleship.” He tapped on a padd and slid it across. “I think we can usually have our recruits in one in less than a month, although finances are still the sticking point. We also pay bonuses for people who can do an orderly survey of systems lining up our possible areas of operations. A well scouted system will pay a fair percentage if we act on it.” He paused then asked. “What are your thoughts?”

She slid the padd back across and adjusted it so it was squarely oriented before him. “I think that this is a noble cause with a decent profit potential. Understand that I am working for a small public corporation, the Amarr Schools, will that be an issue?”

“No we would prefer our people could be able to fly in 0.7 space and below but we have no preferences as to what our people do in their off time as long as they make themselves available when the time comes.”

She paused for a long minute and then nodded. “Sounds acceptable. Where do I sign?”


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