CSM, Tribune artcle issue 51

Mike slumped down into the seat and grunted his thanks as the waitress brought him a beer. Scotty, already seated looked at him and grinned. “Hard day at the office?”

“I am trying to decide if I am just suffering from sour grapes or not.” Mike sipped the beer and sighed. “I just finished going through the logs of the first CSM meeting.”


“Well on the good side, Teadaze is phenomenal. He got said logs out and available so fast it made my head spin. I doubt most folks are even looking for it, yet. On the bad side . . . ”

Scotty reached over and topped up Mikes glass. “You know the drill, start at the beginning and keep going till you get to the end.”

“I would, but the beginning is where some of it is ‘secret’. I understand that the CSM has a policy of nondisclosure on some features but there was just enough said to indicate that things are happening in the background that could change what I believed the CSM to be.”

Scotty frowned. “How so?”

Pulling out a comm pad mike tapped it and brought 2 pages of text. “I read both the raw feed (slightly edited for security reasons) and Teadaze’s summary. It is something about an email reminding the members of the CSM to, and I quote, ‘Additionally, I want to reiterate the point I made in the email about us wanting to emphasize more on ‘larger’ issues and less on the ‘smaller’ topics’ A couple of the members asked for clarification of that but I still don’t quite get what they mean. I think there is going to be some more give and take on that but it sounds almost like the council is getting less able to deal with specifics.”

“And you think that is bad?”

“In a way, yes. Some things are grand sweeping changes that are easy to ask for but hard to prove when they have been delivered. Small specific things are easier to measure completion on. If the CSM asked for a ‘Launch Drones’ button, for example. You can say ‘yes they succeeded’ or ‘they didn’t get that wish’. But if you ask for an improvement of the UI control schema of our ships it is too vague to say whether a simple font change warrants calling the job done and a victorious outcome.” Mike took a gulp of beer and continued. “It was like that in the election. Some folks focused on specifics, others were just quoting ‘mom and apple pie generalities.'”

“And some folks didn’t even bother campaigning.”

“And were elected just the same. Which was the second frustrating thing for me. One member of the CSM did not make the meeting so the first alternate had to step in. Oddly enough, both were Goons. The third Goon, Zastrow, showed up late and was pretty much a disruptive entity through the entire meeting. But he was elected and I was not, so is it just me being a whiner?”

A glass slid across the table from Scotty to Mike. “Collect the tears in there, I can sell them to some folks later on. Nah, late and disruptive slows meetings down.”

“So the rest of the meeting was fairly straight forward except when it got derailed by arguing about communication protocols. They confirmed Elvenlord as chair, elected Zod as Vice-chair. Teadaze was made Secretary (the hardest job on the council in many peoples opinion) and Zastrow was made vice secretary.”

Scotty sprayed beer out of his nose. “WHAT?”

“Yeah, was pretty much my reaction as well. I Just hope Teadaze stays healthy. Then they discussed when the next meeting is and called it a day.”

“So it was nice and short, eh?”

“I wish. All of that took one and a half hours to accomplish. A simple election of three officers. Now how long is it going to take when they start to discuss the controversial subjects? I mean the ‘wish list’ is long and growing every day.” Mike finished his beer and rose from the table. “I ran for the CSM and I am not going to drop it, just because I lost horribly.” He grinned. “I am too stubborn to quit, even when I have lost. I think there are some good people in there and the word needs to get out about what is being done and how. Maybe next time more folks will show up for the election.”

“In knowledge there is power.”

“In a good Battleship there is power, in Motherships there are frustrated pilots. Bah. I have places to be, things to blow up, maybe that will make me feel better.”



There is a reason for communications protocols like Roberts Rules of Order. If you have ever tried to run a meeting with more than four people, you know why.
There is always someone who thinks the meeting is a joke and they are the comedian telling it.
I will try to keep up with the CSM doings and keep you updated as the information comes out.


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