So what is a platform? CSM part 1

Dierdre smiled as she walked up to the table where Mike had three comms open and was cursing softly. “You do not look like you are having fun.”

Mike gave an exasperated grin and swept two comms to the side, making room for her and the coffee that the waitress brought over. “I am sorting. Worse, I am trying to decide where I should be sorted.”


“The CSM finally announced the election and I made it onto the candidates list. It is a big list and I need to see where others stand and where I stand among them. I have spoken quietly to a few folks here and there but I am already seeing interviews and plans for audio broadcasts and all sorts of campaigny things.” he sighed. “I am serious about this but I need to know if others are going to take me seriously. There are enough people out there who ran for a joke that it is easy to be missed, or worse, misunderstood.”

“You don’t want to be thought of as one of the joke people?” She looked at the closest comm and turned it around so she could read it. “‘Yiff yiff?’ That is the sum of this persons platform?”

Mike grimaced. “Puts him two words ahead of some of the others. There are a lot of blank slates out there, by my count. Or they provide interstellar links to locked databases. The goon is a good example of that.”

“So you think this group,” she tapped the comm lightly “are no threat?”

“Sadly, no. There are loyalties of corp and alliance. I expect that at least two of those ‘no platform’ candidates have enough internal support to make them a force to be considered. Goons are notorious for mass efforts to advance their causes and Pandemic Legion is coming off of the high of the Alliance tournament.”

“But you still have them in this ‘pile’.”

“I narrowed the piles down into three categories. Those who are trying that I disagree with,” he tapped the comm on his left, “those who I would vote for myself” he tapped the one on his right. “And those who have not given me enough information to be sorted.” he gestured to the comm she was holding.

“I would have thought you would sort the Goon right off the bat.” She pointed to the disagree pile.

“No, I may not like some of the wars they do, but every time I do research into goon training I wish I could put some of them into capsuleer basic requirements. There are some very well thought out tactics and lessons to be gleaned from them. If I thought a Goon was going to be pushing for better education among the young up and coming poddies I would consider him or her a very valued addition to the CSM. That is one of the things I think needs some attention from the CSM is basic training. Some corps only recruit people who already ‘know the ropes’. Others have made an effort to train and teach. I think groups that favor this philosophy are closer to how I think and act.” Mike sat back. “I do some light training with new folks in my corp. Monitor the Help comm channel every now and again. Help if they need it . . . give some basic instructions on things that are not well covered in their initial education.”

“So you are in favor of improving the initial experience levels of people new to space.” She pulled out a small personal comm and entered something onto it.

“Yes, but that is a ‘mom and apple pie’ type platform issue. You are unlikely to find someone saying they want to make the start in space harder so fewer and fewer poddies survive. Even pirates want targets, if for no other reason. For all they joke about ‘carebears’ they all have associates who mine, or build, who pilot freighters and act as supports.”

“So what about this guy? He looks very pro-support.” Dierdre tapped a name on the comm before her.

“Troll, liar, call him what you like. I looked up his Concord record and he is on their ‘shoot him now’ list. He is just seeing how muddy he can make the water.”

She hummed and looked at the picture attached. “He IS dead sexy.”

Mike snorted and tapped one of th comms in front of him. “Does that mean yer gonna vote for him?”

She smiled and looked Mike in the eye. “I am still down as undecided. So who is on your list of folks YOU would vote for?”



49 people can not be evaluated, dismissed or considered in a single post or a single evening.

I doubt most people are gonna make the effort.

I also doubt everyone will agree with my opinion. But that is what opinions are all about. How I think and feel about something.


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