Back at the Pos

His footsteps echoed in the huge hanger, silent and empty save for the two people in it.

“Try accessing them again.” Kry said, frowning down at her own compad.

“KK” He brought up his own communications pad and tapped in the commands, downloaded the blueprint and set a typical research parameter set. He was tired of seeing such wastage every time he made ammo. A loud buzz filled the room as machinery started then locked up. “Nope” He squinted at the pad. “Says I do not have the permissions, something about being a factory mangler.”

“Factory Manager, goof.” She shifted a few icons on her own pad and nodded. “Ok, one more time, and I have given you back the blueprints you mislaid.”

He repeated the commands on his own pad and this time the factory hummed quietly as the tasks began. “Got it Kry, you the man.”

She raised her eyebrows at him and he grinned. Giving a sniff she turned for the docking bay to go back to the current hulk she was flying.

“No, really Kry. Thanks, not just for this but for the rest of it. You are handling all the little tasks, not the heroic ones . . . the ones that keep a corp running. No killboard, no big explosions in space . . . but critical to us being a cohesive group.” He smiled as he tucked away his pad and walked next to her to get back in his Helios.

“Just helping out . . . ” She said.

“Yeah? Of the last ten recruits, how many were brought in by someone else? Who has been keeping the POS fueled and running? Kry, I may tease and call ya a man whose shape matches that of his pod but ya know I think yer the person keeping the corp together right now. Never forget that. I do appreciate everything you do, and if the rest of the corp has an ounce of sense, so do they.” he stepped onto the gantry of his own ship. “But we fly spaceships and shoot at folks, an ounce of sense is not really a requirement for what we do, is it?” Laughing he boarded his ship and went off in search of a wormole while Kry gave another member of the corp a tour of the POS.


Remember to thank the folks who do the day to day work that keeps your corp running.
A well researched BPO pays for itself much faster
Remember to thank the folks who do the day to day work that keeps your corp running. *(I know I already said this but it seems important enough point to repeat)

and most importantly

Thanks Kry


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