Mining Op

The news went out over the Alliance Network that a mining operation was to be held. Mike tossed some clothes in a bad and caught a shuttle across 20 jumps before stopping to buy and fit a new retriever. When he showed up for the operation he felt . . . less than impressive. A fleet of Hulks greeted him along with a pair of Orcas. He fell in line as the warp was called and soon was nestled next to the Orca and tossing ore that his strip miners pulled in over into the larger holds as fast as he could.

The scouts had found a good system and the rocks were abundant. Until the Op showed up. Lasers lit the sky.

Cat's Cradle of Miners

The fields melted like a comet at perihelion. Too soon the call of other duties broke the team apart. Mike had barely got back to his hanger when a chime on his comm told him that he had been paid for his share of the duties, 12 million. Mike started to laugh. That was, within 100,00 isk how much he had spent setting up the ship for the operation. Now he had a ship in the region of the ops, ready for next time.

1) A well run mining op is hideaously efficient. My compliments to all involved
2) It is nice chatting and making isk and NOT worrying about counting the isk and rocks.
3) For those who haven’t got it yet, find a corp, find and alliance, people are what really matter, the rest is bollocks


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