Ooooh, Shiny

A disease? No, a weakness would be a more appropriate term for it. Mike could not resist the shininess of a new ship. That smell as you stepped inside. The empty hull fittings waiting for the best a pilot could afford or imagine. He had managed to hold on to his isk for a week, maybe two, before he went crazy and bought the latest hull. Now here he stood in the docking bay, looking at the sleek lines, the glistening metal and cursing.

“Dammit, all my isk went into buying you, what the heck am I gonna attach?” He tapped a pad and called up his local stores. “Hmm, small armor repair . . . shield extender . . . ” He winced, hearing the lessons that had been drummed into him early on. ‘Never mix gun ranges’ ‘Either tank shield, armor, or hull. Only a fool tries to tank on separate levels.’

His instructor had been one for statements, usually at full volume. ‘The most dangerous weapon you have is not mounted in the ship, but between your ears. Sadly, some of you are going out there unarmed.’ He had glared down the line of students in Mikes final flight training class. ‘Some of you idiots are just itching to head for zero zero and make a name for yourselves. The nearest transition to lowsec is full of folks willing to tell you the name you will have. Noob, target, FC.’

A student on Mikes right blurted out “Fleet Commander?”

“No, idiot, Floating Corpse.”

Mike snapped back to the present a faint smile on his face. “He was right. For then. But if I want to fly this then I will fit what I can, with what I have . . . and we will see whether the locals had as good a teacher as I did.”

He started making fitting orders on the pad. It would be a monstrosity but it would get the jobs done.

and ooooh shiny the Jaguar just screamed FLY MEEEEEEE


Lesson one: Flying a bad ship fitting is not suicide. It just means you have to be more careful and better skilled.

Lesson two: Would you REALLY want a ship that was no risk? Might as well become a macro-miner in 0.9 stripping belts.

Lesson three: You are the one playing. Listen to other folks advice but YOU decide what is right for you.

You have no idea how often the Help Channel hears the question “Which is the best ship?”
We try to explain (If we help regulars are in a good mood) that this is an unanswerable question. It depends on skills, need, playing style and where the heck you are going to take it. (If we are not in a good mood . . . well after a few minutes the ISD speaks gently to us to straighten up and fly right.)

If you have not been to Help channel and you know something, come help. If you know nothing, come learn. If you are like me, and stuck in between the two extremes, come and do both.

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