Slow and fast

There times when it is nice to lean back, let the lesson implant do its thing, and groove to some chill tunes in your headset as your miner makes a 17 jump journey from one portion of space to another. Mike had yet to find that time as ‘nice’. Rocking to a guitar solo that sounded more like someone being flayed alive than an actual musical instrument he kicked rhythmically at the locked controls muttering “faster, faster”

The incoming comm chimed a few times before Mike noticed it over the volume 11 shr3dding. Turning it down to a sedate 8 he toggled the keys and shouted. “Yeah?”

“Just working out in Amarr space, you want in on a chance to beg for their forgiveness before they start shooting you on sight?” It was Marnora. Possibly one of the most focused people Mike had ever met. Given steel wool he could knit you a frigate, he knew THAT much about the bloody things. Most folks saw Frigates as stepping stones to real ships. Mar had started in them and never left. What he could do with one defied Mikes imagination.

“Bringing a miner into home turf again, the war ended.”

“What was the final score?”

“No score, no encounters, no isk payed or won. They wasted a couple of mill for no apparent reason.” Mike checked the local maps. “Damn, I can switch to a small ship and we can tag-team whatever you got going. Be a bit of time, but not too long, I’ll fall asleep in this flying shovel another time.” He kicked the console once more for good measure.

“Works for me.” Mike nodded and started humming to himself as he switched course to where the ship Mar had talked him into buying sat waiting.

It was not long before he was waving goodbye to the miner and hello to his Ishkur. Running a double check on the systems and making sure it was loaded up for a fight he slid into the seat and looked out over the forespike. “Why didn’t they name this thing the Unicorn?” He asked the air as he powered up and shot out of the station. With the engines roaring beneath and behind him he revelled in the sheer speed of his boat. No autopilot for this one . . . he took over and flashed, stargate after stargate, distance rolling past along with the startled look of customs officers who never even had time for a scan.

Soon enough he had joined up with Marnora and off they went to put paid to a few pirates who had crossed the local representatives of the Emperor. Now Mike knew the Ish was a fast ship, but Mar flew a Enyo that was so much a speed ship that it was just one roll of duck tape from being a Minnie build. Faster at everything, they warped through an acceleration platform and by the time Mike had arrived Mar was already in amongst the enemies, and wrecks were a trail showing where he had been.

“Dammit, leave some for me!” Mike toggled the comm as he scanned for good targets.

“Webber!” Mar replied as a specific target lit on the screen as a priority target.

“On it” Mike calmly started a target lock as his other hand launched the drones. “Drones away.” He dialed in the other targets as the drones screamed out of their launch bays and into space. He set them on the webber and then revved up the Ish to dive into battle with the nearest target of his own. Moments later he raised his voice to report “Webber down” as his own blasters growled as they ate through the armor of another ship. He let the drones pick their own targets as he worked his patch of space and soon the area was filled with wrecks and empty of pirates. The drones returned to their launch points and he smiled as they began to slowly pick through the wreckage for things of value.

“Beautiful” Mike grinned as the salvage ground through the wreckage.


There is an awesome beauty in a pair of assault craft going to work. The communication is faster, the game is more intense. You do NOT drift off while switching targets and monitoring all the other details of combat. If you have not teamed up with a partner for a quick mission or hunt, you are missing a very special part of Eve.

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