Swiss army knife

He slotted the latest lessons set into the implant and winced as it loaded up. He knew it was supposed to be painless but there was always a ghost of an ache as the information began to dribble into the neurons and find a place to be usefull. He tossed the packaging on the pile to be sorted and chuckled. “As is the man, so is the ship”

{profit is determined by the simple comparison of . . . }

He shook his head and hoped the training would settle into a steady background drone. Calling up a map he looked at it, he had heard a lot of pilots had been colouring their maps showing where they had been . . . Mike decided that was too depressing. Because it only highlighted all the places he had yet to go. Where next?

A wormhole, that was what he needed. He had learned a few hard lessons in wormspace and it was time to go back . . .

{ . . of risk vs payoff ratio is often of prime . . . }

Augh, he turned on some music and tried to drown out the background noise of the voices in his head.

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